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([personal profile] faedefrance Dec. 26th, 2008 08:21 pm)
Sometimes I think Papa and Mama know everything. Papa tells me about things that happened long ago. Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses, and those silly Musketeers. He shows me how to hunt and how to take care of the hides of the ones we have taken and will eat or feed to the falcons. Sometimes Papa will show me the exact right time to cut the grapes and what they need to look, smell, feel and taste like before we can make them into wine. I see him watch me as I follow him and I think I see him smile.

Sometimes Maman will stop what she is doing and hold me close like she did when I was a baby. Once, when she was holding me I looked up and her eyes were wet. Amarante tells me that I have another sister who is older than Caroline. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have another sister - or even a baby brother! I should ask Mama and Papa if they would give me a baby brother someday. That would be fun! But then sometimes I don't want another sister or brother to come between me and Maman or especially Papa. Babies can be so noisy!

Sometimes after Maman or Papa have read me a story and tucked me in. I still cannot sleep. Sometimes I will wake up from a strange dream and I will be almost awake and I will see Azazeal sitting in the rocking chair near my bed, or on the edge of my bed just watching me.

I like Azazeal. He has been very nice to me, but sometimes I think that he makes Maman a little cross. She is not happy that Zool is still my favourite stuffed animal and that I sleep with him every night. I think that is because Azazeal gave him to me. Sometimes I have smuggled him to school in my backpack, but I make sure to put a ward over him so that no one can see him but me. Maman and Papa keep offering me other stuffed animals, and dolls, too. But I like Zool the best.

Azazeal told me the story again about he helped Maman make Papa not dead anymore. Azazeal said that because I am very special because my Maman and Papa love me very much. Azazeal says that he is also watching out for me and is making sure nothing bad ever happens to me. My friend, Chloe says she has a guardian angel. I asked her if she can see her guardian angel, but she said that no one can see her guardian angel except her. I told her that I have a guardian angel, too. But I did not tell her his name or the fact that Maman can see him. I wonder if Azazeal is a guardian angel. I will have to ask him. Sometimes I think that he is. If he says that he isn't, maybe I will ask him to be anyway.

Muse: Jocelyn de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 496
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