Wake now child
In the middle of the night
The edges of your mind
Have grown a little wild

Jocelyn went back into the house and slipped out of her damp nightdress into a clean, dry one. Thankfully the Chateau de Rochefort and all within it continued to slumber unawares of the comings and goings of she and her friend, Azazeal. Perhaps it was her wards, or his. She was not certain which and it really did not matter. Her body still was piqued and tingled with the newfound sensations she had experienced in the garden. But now, strangely, she was ready to sleep, ready to dream. Crawling between the sheets, her head had barely hit the pillow when she felt overwhelmingly tired. Was it Azazeal's spell already, perhaps? She closed her eyes and consciously slowed her thoughts, going deeper in her mind, and descending the imaginary stairway into the Realm of Dreaming.
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Your burning star turned to midnight sun
I will stay alive for the fallen ones
Dancing with the smoke of your devastated flame
Dancing with the smoke dancing with the rain
So cold being here again
So I call your name ~ I call ~ I call your name

The time had come at last for Jocelyn de Rochefort to leave the private school that her parents had been sending her to. Now she would follow her in her mother's footsteps. The High Lady and Queen of the Fortunate Island would very soon be cutting a doorway into the Mists and taking her youngest daughter there to begin what she would need to know as the heir to that Throne. Jocelyn had said her goodbyes, but made each of them sound as if she would only be gone for a little while. She had not quite told a lie, but she certainly did not replace any assumptions being made on the part of anyone else that she would still be a ready companion to her friends, and close at hand. The embraces shared were all too quick, but she did not mind. Jocelyn was not one that was too hungry for the touch of others - unless of course she was being petted by her Papa, her Maman, Amarante' or her Godfather, Hsu, or on the very odd occasion, getting an affectionate and very chaste embrace from her friend, Azazeal.
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Muse: Jocelyn de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count:1096 (not counting lyrics)