your name's Secret Meaning is...
"A Reincarnated Witch"

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*smiles back up at him* Do you think so? I think Maman is a Wytch. Is that true?

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*nods* I wouldn't have said so, if it wasn't. *wonders how annoyed Faelyn will be* Yes, that's true, she is.

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*looking very serious for a moment* That would explain her books that she is constantly writing in with strange pictures and language. I've asked her about it and she says that showing me more soon. She's taught me some spells.

*looks at him curiously* I hope that Maman or me being a Witch doesn't scare you.

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I'm sure you're very good at those spells. Perhaps in return for my stories, you would show me one?

*smiles* No, I'm not afraid of witches in the least. Indeed, I have an affection for most.

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I think that I'm pretty good. Maman and Amarante say so. Yes! If you tell me a story, I will gladly show you a spell - maybe two!

Affection? *thinks a moment* Does that mean you like Witches?

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*smiles* I shall consider myself very fortunate indeed to see two spells. I'll have to think of a very good story.

Yes, I do. Many good friends of mine have been Witches.


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