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Events that take place after THIS ENTRY.

The new soon-to-be-Queen of Fortuna stood stock still as her handmaiden, Eram tightened the stays on the waistline of her gown. Yard upon yard of heavy, watered black silk fell around her in waves. Her hair was swept up off her face and drawn up under the crown of the Heiress Apparent. She would not wear the full crown of the Fortunate Island until the formal coronation. For now, a copy of that crown that was locked away in the Temple storehouse, rest upon the brow of the doppelganger of her mother. Melek as her Chief Advisor had poked his head into her chambers to inquire about her state of readiness. She only responded with a nod and just as quickly, he slipped away once more.

Other serving women, too numerous to remember their names, put on the rest of her jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, of diamonds and the deepest Emeralds of the House of Rochefort were set off against the black of the dress. and the long graceful neck that displayed them. Jocelyn barely seemed to notice them and their ministrations. None of them dared to speak outside the soft murmurs of direction amongst themselves as they prepared her for the state funeral of her parents.

On the night before the moon shone through the skylight above the throne room. The beveled glass sent streams of light in all directions, some of it reflected in rainbow prisms that rested upon the bodies of the Queen and her Consort. Melek had done his work well. Even she could not tell the difference between these look-alikes and her own parents. Knowing that she was probably observed, she spent a great deal of time staring down at them. When her feet began to ache, it was UserBesNeha who brought her a chair which was drawn up beside the body that could have been that of her father. In those stilled hands was a copy of the Sword of Unmaking - the one instrument that could have ended her mother's or any other Fae's Immortal life in an instant. This, too, had been copied meticulously by the Fallen One and those who worked for him. That one instrument, she was certain, still rested safely in her real father's possession never to leave it until his own true death.

After a long silence the dwarf who had been her mother's friend for centuries laid a hand upon her own. "What lies in front of you is greater than anything you have ever done before, my Lady," he said. "Whatever need you have of me, know that you only have to give the word and it is granted."

Jocelyn pulled her eyes away for a moment to look at him. "My mother trusted you as few others," she said giving his small slightly withered fingers a squeeze, "I know I'll have to rely on you soon. But not yet."

"You only have to ask," UserBes dared to give her fingers a squeeze in response. It was no wonder to Jocelyn why her mother had trusted him. He had been a constant figure in all of their lives, never wavering in his support of their family.

Of course, Jocelyn mused , there was no possible way that UserBes could have known or suspected what she had meant. She was all but certain she would need to ask for his aid very soon indeed. And his knowledge was by now almost as ancient as Melek's was.

"Have their tombs been prepared?" she asked softly, turning her gaze back to the two bodies lying in state.

"Yes, my lady," UserBes said. "They will be interred immediately after the ceremony tomorrow. But now I regret that I must take my leave."

He rubbed his beard then took to one knee, placing the ring upon her hand up to his brow in deference to who she was and his acknowledgement to her as his Queen. "Please get some rest yourself. Tomorrow promises to be a long day."

Wordlessly, the dwarf turned and left his queen to her thoughts. As he left, the soft light through the glass seemed to grow momentarily dimmer as a thin cloud passed over the moon.

She did not notice. Only the swim in the cave beneath the Palais was enough to calm her turbulent mind. That night Jocelyn did not expect to see her friend, Kai or any sign of the Leopard Seal. She couldn't help but feel a little disappointment. He had promised her that he would be there the following night. Still, it made her smile to remember the fun they had had together swimming and scooping up treasures. She had been careful to keep one of the stones that Kai had handed to her in her pocket at all times. She found herself fingering it's smoothed edges from time to time and felt herself immediately relax even when there was pandemonium throughout the entire Court.


'Act like Maman....act like Maman' she thought to herself over and over again. If Joceluyn was careful she would be able to remain as detached as her mother had been as queen. Her stomach was now coiling and uncoiling like a serpent since she had begun getting ready for the state funeral. The sound of murmuring and the Ville around the Palais became louder and louder. But it was the trumpets that blared outside the walls of the Palais that caused her heart to clench.

It was time.
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Mon pere:

It's time - and you promised.

Nothing in the world seems fair. I feel so far away from myself at this moment and yet I am just on the edge of becoming who it is I am meant to be. Who is it I am meant to be? I will be separated from my Papa and in spite of the excitement I feel, it is as if I am being asked to amputate a major limb from myself. I know I must do this, and I know that it is a part of who and what I am. I do not dishonour Maman and this is her wish, but why, why did Caroline have to abdicate? Can I not stay here a while longer? Why can Papa not be with me as well? Is he not my mother's Prince Consort?

The dream, in spite of what I feel for Azazeal, or what might have happened between us, has left me cold where I should have felt warm. Or some might say I should have felt rather heated. Would this night never end? Did I want it to end? For with the dawn, before the mists rose from the water's surface, my Mother and I would traverse them to go to the Fortunate Island to further my training. I stumbled down the stairs, clutching the dressing gown to me and wandered throughout the tapestry gallery till I reached the library to find my Papa. He was always here, but now more than ever, brooding. Papa was staring at the fire when I came in, the light glancing off his high cheekbones and the glass of cognac he had in his hand. Maman was nowhere to be seen, no doubt she was in bed. He looked up at me, his one eye widened only slightly in the dim light. The image was one of absolute comfort that swam before my eyes as I rushed over to him, fell to my knees before him and wrapped my arms about him, hiding my face in his chest. I heard him set his cognac glass aside and he began to stroke my hair. Still no words were spoken. None were really ever needed between my father and I, and certainly neither of us wanted to speak of what would come at daybreak.

His breathfalls were steady. At last it was he who broke the silence between us. "Unable to sleep either, mon petit? he said softly in French.

"Non," I shook my head, still not looking up into his face. That would have made me cry, I knew. "I -," I snggled closer and gripped him tighter to me, " I had a nightmare, Papa," I said, " I dreamt of being frightened and not knowing how to get back home." I inhaled his scent, the scent of leather, fine cologne and the sweetness of the cognac on his breath.

He moved himself toward one end of the leathern couch, punching the brocaded pillows there to fluff them and grabbed a damask coverlet that had been folded neatly over the back of the couch. "Come, Joie-Lynn," he patted a spot in front of him, "No nightmares will dare come near you here." It was an old assurance that he had given me even as a very young girl, and indeed, whenever he did so, no bad dreams ever dared to invade the safety of the space that my Papa provided. He had, he said, been more of a nightmare than any conjuring that the darkness could ever bring, and being his daughter, none would dare challenge him. I nodded and lay on my side in front of him, resting my head on the pillow that he had against his forearm. As soon as I was settled, he threw the coverlet over us both and held me close, kissing the back of my neck. Occasionally his hand would stroke idly over my arms or my shoulders until at last I felt my eyes grow heavy. I was just about to set off to the Land of Nod once more when the logs upon the fire gave a loud pop that made me jump. Once more were soft words in French of a father's adoration and once more I let myself drift toward sleep and an uncertain future ahead.

Muse: Jocelyn de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 716

Special thanks to [livejournal.com profile] all_forme and his scribe who is used with much love and affection by his daughter and her scribe.
Wake now child
In the middle of the night
The edges of your mind
Have grown a little wild

Jocelyn went back into the house and slipped out of her damp nightdress into a clean, dry one. Thankfully the Chateau de Rochefort and all within it continued to slumber unawares of the comings and goings of she and her friend, Azazeal. Perhaps it was her wards, or his. She was not certain which and it really did not matter. Her body still was piqued and tingled with the newfound sensations she had experienced in the garden. But now, strangely, she was ready to sleep, ready to dream. Crawling between the sheets, her head had barely hit the pillow when she felt overwhelmingly tired. Was it Azazeal's spell already, perhaps? She closed her eyes and consciously slowed her thoughts, going deeper in her mind, and descending the imaginary stairway into the Realm of Dreaming.
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On this night she would shed her her role as Maiden and enter the Realm reserved for women who had learned that Mystery which was always hinted at, but kept safely hidden from those who had not yet experienced it. Read more... )
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You Are Very Joyful

You may not be happy all of the time, but you experience frequent moments of joy in your life.

There are moments so perfect that time has stood still and you wish you could freeze it forever.

You are so joyful because you appreciate the small things in life. You know joy is more about who you are than what you have.

You are thankful to be alive, and you know that things could be a lot worse. You are content with your life.

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You Are Exotic Sexy

You are sexy because you are wild. You are a very sexually daring person.

You are very into trying new and edgy things. You love taboos.

You are a sexual dabbler. You like to take on unusual fantasies and roles.

Anyone who wants to be your partner better be extremely open minded!

You consider yourself a sex expert, and you love to give your friends advice.

You feel like it's your personal mission to make everyone a little more sexually liberated.

Gods....I hope Papa does not see this!
And of course this is so!

There is nothing except this! There is no art opening; there is no benefit; there is nothing to sign. There is the next Jocelyn, and nothing else.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:
I drew you a picture! I hope you like it! :)

You and me, Papa!
Your burning star turned to midnight sun
I will stay alive for the fallen ones
Dancing with the smoke of your devastated flame
Dancing with the smoke dancing with the rain
So cold being here again
So I call your name ~ I call ~ I call your name

The time had come at last for Jocelyn de Rochefort to leave the private school that her parents had been sending her to. Now she would follow her in her mother's footsteps. The High Lady and Queen of the Fortunate Island would very soon be cutting a doorway into the Mists and taking her youngest daughter there to begin what she would need to know as the heir to that Throne. Jocelyn had said her goodbyes, but made each of them sound as if she would only be gone for a little while. She had not quite told a lie, but she certainly did not replace any assumptions being made on the part of anyone else that she would still be a ready companion to her friends, and close at hand. The embraces shared were all too quick, but she did not mind. Jocelyn was not one that was too hungry for the touch of others - unless of course she was being petted by her Papa, her Maman, Amarante' or her Godfather, Hsu, or on the very odd occasion, getting an affectionate and very chaste embrace from her friend, Azazeal.
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Muse: Jocelyn de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count:1096 (not counting lyrics)
Sometimes I think Papa and Mama know everything. Papa tells me about things that happened long ago. Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses, and those silly Musketeers. He shows me how to hunt and how to take care of the hides of the ones we have taken and will eat or feed to the falcons. Sometimes Papa will show me the exact right time to cut the grapes and what they need to look, smell, feel and taste like before we can make them into wine. I see him watch me as I follow him and I think I see him smile.

Sometimes Maman will stop what she is doing and hold me close like she did when I was a baby. Once, when she was holding me I looked up and her eyes were wet. Amarante tells me that I have another sister who is older than Caroline. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have another sister - or even a baby brother! I should ask Mama and Papa if they would give me a baby brother someday. That would be fun! But then sometimes I don't want another sister or brother to come between me and Maman or especially Papa. Babies can be so noisy!

Sometimes after Maman or Papa have read me a story and tucked me in. I still cannot sleep. Sometimes I will wake up from a strange dream and I will be almost awake and I will see Azazeal sitting in the rocking chair near my bed, or on the edge of my bed just watching me.

I like Azazeal. He has been very nice to me, but sometimes I think that he makes Maman a little cross. She is not happy that Zool is still my favourite stuffed animal and that I sleep with him every night. I think that is because Azazeal gave him to me. Sometimes I have smuggled him to school in my backpack, but I make sure to put a ward over him so that no one can see him but me. Maman and Papa keep offering me other stuffed animals, and dolls, too. But I like Zool the best.

Azazeal told me the story again about he helped Maman make Papa not dead anymore. Azazeal said that because I am very special because my Maman and Papa love me very much. Azazeal says that he is also watching out for me and is making sure nothing bad ever happens to me. My friend, Chloe says she has a guardian angel. I asked her if she can see her guardian angel, but she said that no one can see her guardian angel except her. I told her that I have a guardian angel, too. But I did not tell her his name or the fact that Maman can see him. I wonder if Azazeal is a guardian angel. I will have to ask him. Sometimes I think that he is. If he says that he isn't, maybe I will ask him to be anyway.

Muse: Jocelyn de Rochefort
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 496
Yay! Time for cookies with Azazeal!!! Comments
Dear Azazeal:

Bonjour, Monsieur! Merci Bocoup for the lovely gift of the pony. That was most generous of you! How did you know my favourite colour was purple? I was very excited to recieve it, even if it is not a real one. I have named him, Zool and he is very special to me. He sleeps in my room next to me every night.

I miss you and your stories. Will you come tell me and my new pony, Zool a story? I think it is only right since you gave Zool to me. I hope to see you soon!

Merci, mon ami!

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your name's Secret Meaning is...
"A Reincarnated Witch"